Anything we do in life or at the gym, we do for a reason. Anything. There may be some times that we do not know the reason behind what we are doing, but you can be sure there is one. If you search enough, you will uncover it. one major step is for you to find your driving force.

This is also the case in fitness. We do the stuff we do in the gym for a reason. It may be to look good or to feel good. It may be to have an overall healthier approach to living. It may be to become stronger or more energetic.

Find out why it is you want results. Make a list of all the benefits you will receive when you start working out and getting in shape. Start thinking, acting, and feeling like you are already enjoying these benefits. How does it feel to be thin, energetic, and full of life? How would you like to feel this way all the time, able to really enjoy the level of fitness you’ve always wanted?


Make a list of YOUR top three fitness goals. Your top three most urgent, pressing reason for wanting to change or reach a certain level of fitness. I guarantee if you do start to change your body, internal motivation and the improved self esteem you get will indeed change you life.